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New online application process for yellow bus service

Applications for yellow bus service can now be submitted online. Whether you’re a new rider or a returning rider, you need to apply for yellow bus service before June 1, 2020 for the 2020-21 school year. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply. If you have any issues applying or aren’t able to submit the form online, please contact our school.


Please note that the parking lot is for staff only. There is no parking in front of the school in the lane closest to the school.


Parking and Student Drop off/Pick up

Safe drop off and pick up of students is of primary importance to us. Our school is a very busy place especially before school starts and after school ends. In order to ensure the safest environment possible, we would ask you to follow these guidelines when arriving or departing our school. There will be staff in safety vests assisting the flow of traffic and supervising our students. Please respectfully follow their instructions at all times. 

Students should:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Vehicles move quickly - be on the lookout. 

  • When your parent or guardian comes to pick you up, let them move to the next available place in the line and wait until they stop before approaching the car. Once the car has stopped, quickly get in and buckle up so the next student can be picked up.

Suggestions to help make coming to school and getting home easier: 

  • Walk or bike to school.

  • Carpool - share a ride to school.

  • If you must drive, ask your parent or guardian to park a block or so from the school and walk with you the rest of the way. 

  • Please take extra care when crossing the street by looking both ways before you cross and only crossing at designated crosswalks.

  • Listen to and follow our School Patrol’s directions.

It is an expectation that parents will drop off students no earlier than 8:15 am as there is no supervision provided before this time.  Students who are participating in the Breakfast Program or the Sakinah Assembly will enter the school at 8:15 am.  All remaining students will enter the school at the 8:37 am bell.  Kindergarten students are required to be promptly picked up at 11:40 am.  All Grade 1 - 6 students are required to be promptly picked up at 3:31 pm (2:25 pm on Thursdays).  The school will immediately make phone calls home or to the emergency contact if students remain past these dismissal times in order to make pick up arrangements.  If parents consistently fail to promptly pick up their child at dismissal, a conversation will happen with school administration to ensure adherence to these expectations.