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Please note that the parking lot is for staff only. There is no parking in front of the school in the lane closest to the school.



Drop Off / Pick Up

While dropping children off, in front of the school, pull over to the side, not in the middle of the road. Please do not park in the handicap stalls (unless you have a permit), in the staff parking lot, or stop on the crosswalk. Also do not park in front of the pylons.  They are there to protect our students from traffic.  Remember that the peace officers periodically visit our school to observe and reinforce traffic safety.

The front doors will remain locked until the first bell @ 8:35 unless it is colder than -23°C. Supervision begins at 8:20 and students need to be in their classes by 8:40 am. After school, supervision begins at 3:32 and ends at 3:45 and begins at 2:23 and ends at 2:35 on Thursdays.