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Al Lust Fine Arts Awards

This award is given to recognize Al Lust, first principal of Grace Martin, who felt strongly that the Fine Arts were an integral part of a well-rounded education. These awards are given to grade 6 students on the basis of marks, participation, talent, attitude and leadership. 

Betty Holowach Award

This award is given to recognize Betty Holowach, long time administrative assistant at Grace Martin. 

  • Criteria are outstanding service to Grace Martin, particularly intended for exceptional office helpers.  

Carol Wheeler Award

This award is given in memory of Carol Wheeler who was a teacher at Grace Martin School.  Mrs. Wheeler was passionate about running and always coached our running clubs.  Carol passed away of breast cancer in 2006. 

Dick Mather Memorial Citizenship Award

This award is given in memory of Dick Mather who was a school trustee.  His wife Weslyn Mather worked at Grace Martin, their daughter attended Grace Martin and Mr. Mather was a regular volunteer here. 

  • Criteria is excellent citizenship and contribution to the school community (such as involvement in leadership and clubs). As well, the winners display a positive attitude towards learning and are self-motivated and self-disciplined. 

Laurie Newton For the Love of Learning Award

This award is given in memory of Laurie Newton, long time Grace Martin teacher who passed away in 2013 from cancer. 

  • This award is given to a grade 6 student who has a keen interest in Science and Social Studies.  This winner shows commitment to learning by paying attention, asking questions - inquires about information, being ready for class - on time, has appropriate tools, having good attendance (absences are excusable), getting work done during class and handing projects on time.  The winner always tries their best - gives 100% effort, constantly tries to go beyond expectations, enjoys sharing their knowledge - embraces time with younger students and is respectful of others’ right to learn. 

Elma Harder Heart of Sakinah Award

This award is given to recognize Elma Harder, founder of the Sakinah Circle Alternative Program in Edmonton Public Schools.

  • Recipients of this award demonstrate noble characteristics which Sakinah Circle strives to nurture and polish, namely five critical attributes: to be intentional, responsible, respectful, reflective and real; and three significant features of their personal worldview: to be nature-focused, historically-rooted, and service-oriented.