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    At Grace Martin School, we enjoy and appreciate exceptional parental involvement on a variety of levels. Parents are involved as volunteers at the school working with teachers and students as well as in the library and on special school projects.


    If you would like to volunteer at Grace Martin, please contact the school.

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‌‌Our school motto is "Giving Life to Learning".

Front of Grace Martin School

Within the motto, we believe that:

  • each student is unique and can learn albeit at different rates and in different ways
  • learning is a ongoing process which involves the intellectual, emotional, creative, and social development of students
  • the curriculum should accommodate the developmental needs of the student
  • students need to experience challenge and success
  • parents, in partnership with the school, are an integral part of their child's education


Special Characteristics of Grace Martin



Principal's Message

It is truly a privilege to be the principal of Grace Martin School.  Our school’s highly skilled and caring staff continually works to ensure Grace Martin is a school of excellence; ensuring high levels of engagement and learning are possible for all of our students.  Our staff is committed to this goal by focusing on student learning, on collaboration and on results.  We do this by developing a sense of family and community second to none in the District.

As we grow and support our students through their educational journey, our teachers have the wonderful opportunity to meet with parents and their students identifying learning and citizenship goals.  This emphasis is based on our school’s four Pillars of Leadership:  respectful relationships, communication, partnerships and always asking, “What is best for kids.”

Grace Marin embraces inclusion.  We are a diverse school with students from nearly 60 countries representing nearly 30 languages, and one which shares and celebrates the unique gifts of students in all of our classrooms.   We celebrate these experiences and share the gifts of our First Nations, Metis and Inuit people who are our first Canadians.  Our school endeavors to engage our students with nature through our various programs, and teaches students how family connections and learning who you are becoming is celebrated, respected and shared.

I am proud of your children; I am proud of our teachers and I am particularly proud of our whole school community that is truly a lighthouse of diversity, acceptance and caring. Please, if you have any questions, our doors are open to all visitors.


Dale Cooper