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Instructional Focus

Grace Martin School will support our students 21st Century Literacy learning by providing, through teacher and student collaboration, focused work promoting student self-reflection and assessment practices common across all core subject areas. Conversations and understandings will emerge through the development and implementation of school wide quality assessment practices.

How do we do this?

  • All staff and students use selected and effective school-wide strategies that support our instructional focus in the classroom on a daily basis.
  • Staff work collaboratively reviewing curriculum to determine the essential elements so that their instruction can be more focused.
  • We assess for learning by incorporating a number of formative assessment strategies that may include:
    • I Can/I am learning to statements
    • Multiple Trials
    • Descriptive Feedback Exemplars
    • Common Rubrics
    • Self-Assessment Opportunities
  • Our teachers continually collaborate with their grade-level partners to create common assessments in order to promote program continuity across the core and across the grades.
  • Our teachers will continue to provide specific vocabulary instruction in all subjects and in all grades.
  • Our teachers will be supported in their continued growth toward excellence in differentiating instruction so they can better meet the needs of their students.
  • We establish communication and partnership with parents and community to implement ideas that will help all students to show growth in our area of instructional focus.

Positive Behavior Plan

All students should feel that Grace Martin is a safe and caring environment that promotes tolerance, dignity and belonging amongst its students, staff and greater community. Students must be provided a school climate that is conducive to learning and to developing the skills and attitudes necessary to meet the challenges of the future and becoming responsible and productive citizens. Any behavior we find that infringes on the ability of others to learn and succeed is unacceptable. To ensure a positive climate that promotes student learning exists, the following “Student Charter of Rights and Responsibilities” (please see below) policy will be used as a guide to handling student conduct and behavior.

The philosophy at this school is dedicated to teaching students responsible behavior towards both themselves and others. We believe all students have the right to learn. To do so, each student must be in a school climate that is conducive to learning, without disruptive behavior by any student infringing upon the rights of others.

We believe home and school must share the responsibility for teaching the children appropriate behaviour. By working together, we can increase the probability students will learn responsibility and respect for others. By doing this, we can only increase their own self-respect. We have set behavioural guidelines for the school as a whole and have asked each teacher to set classroom expectations. Each teacher has programs in place designed to maximize student responsibility and learning. Classroom expectations will be communicated to students and parents.

At Grace Martin we concentrate on the positive and strive to enable students to learn to their potential in a safe and caring environment. There are times; however, that a student may have difficulties recognizing his or her responsibilities. If a student misbehaves, he or she can expect the adult in charge at the moment will apply the most appropriate actions. Our school-wide policy is designed to teach students that they have chosen to behave inappropriately and to teach them that there are more acceptable alternatives from which to choose.

Student Rights and Responsibilities 2019-2020