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Regular Program


Most schools offer regular programming, but no two schools are quite the same. Regular programming presents the curriculum required by Alberta Education in a way that is accessible for all learning styles and backgrounds. Schools adjust their delivery to meet student needs, so a school’s focus, optional courses and activities will vary. No matter the school, however, the regular program will help every child live up to their potential by giving them the tools they need to be engaged thinkers and entrepreneurial, ethical citizens.

To learn more about what your child will learn in regular programming:

Grace Martin School is a dual-track elementary school, which means that two programs from Kindergarten to Grade 6 are offered in the same school: Regular and Sakinah Circle.

All English students in the Regular Stream take French as a Second Language (FSL) beginning in Grade 4. In this program, French is taught as a subject to develop communication skills in French and an understanding and an appreciation of the cultures of French-speaking peoples.  Grade 4-6 students receive at least 150 minutes of instruction per week.