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The motto of Grace Martin School, “Giving Life to Learning”, illustrates our belief that each student is unique. We understand that everyone learns differently and strive to meet the needs of each student. Our school not only provides the Regular program, but also Literacy, Opportunity, and Sakinah Circle. Sakinah Circle is a unique alternative program that encompasses the Qur’anic worldview to support learning along with the Alberta Program of Studies. It is historically rooted and nature focused. Students in this program also receive Arabic language instruction and Qur’anic studies, while those in the Regular and Literacy program receive French instruction.

Our students at Grace Martin participate in Physical Education classes three times a week. In addition, teachers may assign daily physical education activities in their classrooms and outdoors. Students can also take part in intramurals such as basketball and soccer, and sports programs such as Free Footie. Furthermore, we provide literacy supports through a blend of English Language Learning and Balanced Literacy at least four times a week. Numeracy intervention is provided to students who require math support at least twice a week.

We strive to provide our students with opportunities to participate in various school-wide and program-wide events. Some of these events that take place are the 100th day of school celebration, Halloween parade, Winter Family Fun Night, Earth Day, Door-decorating contests and Spirit days just to name a few. Furthermore, students within our Sakinah Circle Alternative program also engage in family grouping activities once a month which can range from outdoor scavenger hunts, nature activities, and baking, to collaborative art activities. Each year, students and teachers in the program host an annual cumulative event based on a certain theme taught throughout the year.

Our quality teaching and learning are also supported through several community partnerships such as Alberta Health Services, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, and Homework Club.


 We believe:

  • That learning involves intellectual, emotional, creative, musical, social, physical and technical experiences
  • That students need to experience challenge and success in a safe, caring learning environment that promotes strong character
  • That parents are partners in education
  • Community partnerships can play an important role in the success of a school