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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Program Information

Our school provides a supervised lunch program on a regular or drop-in basis as a service to parents of students in grades 1 - 6. A lunch fee is mandatory for any student from grades 1 – 6 who stays for lunch (fee covers supervision costs only - food is not provided). A Lunch-time Supervision Service Registration Form needs to be filled out for all students staying at the school for lunch.  However, we encourage parents to make other arrangements for lunch. Children benefit from a break in school routine. Getting away from the school environment provides a needed break – physically, mentally and socially. If your child normally goes home for lunch, we would ask that you continue this practice. 

Students staying for lunch are expected to behave in a respectful, responsible manner. Students who are not cooperative will be asked to eat their lunch with another class or may be temporarily or permanently suspended from the lunch program. To ensure student safety and to respect parental expectations, elementary students must remain on school property during the lunch hour unless we receive written parent permission to leave the grounds. 

  • All students are expected to behave appropriately and eat lunch respectfully at their own desks. 
  • Students are not to share food (due to possible allergies). 
  • Students need to bring their own utensils for eating. 
  • No glass containers are to be brought to school because of the safety factor. 
  • Students will need to bring a cold lunch or use thermoses for hot items. Due to Occupational Health and Safety regulations, there will be no microwaves available in the lunch program.
  • After lunch, students will clean up their own area and put any trash in the garbage and recyclables in the provided bins. 
  • Students will follow the lunch supervisor’s directions and expectations. 
  • Students need to move quickly between eating and going outside or vice versa. 
  • Students are to remain on school grounds unless they have been signed out by a parent or guardian at the office. 

Any student who exhibits inappropriate behavior will be dealt with immediately by the lunchroom supervisor, teacher or administrator. If the behaviour persists, a student may have their lunch program privileges suspended and alternate arrangements for lunch would need to be made by the parent.

Paid Lunchroom Supervisory Positions

If you are interested in applying for a lunchroom supervisor position at Grace Martin School, please complete this  forms and email it to ‌susan.mcwhinnie@epsb.ca